A pre-purchase inspection is a detailed analysis performed by a qualified technician to determine the mechanical and safety condition of a vehicle before it is purchased. The reason for such an elaborate inspection is to uncover any costly and safety related issues before the perspective buyer purchases the vehicle.

A pre-purchase inspection is highly recommended! All too often, an excited buyer will get so emotionally caught up into wanting a particular vehicle, that the buyer purchases the vehicle blindly. The purchaser may not realize that the vehicle could have some mechanical and safety related issues that can become very costly in the future.

With an ABS inspection, a detailed checklist is followed when evaluating the vehicle. After evaluating the vehicle’s driveability and overall condition, the customer is informed of the findings and a recommendation of repair needs is provided. Being armed with this information can be vital in the vehicle final price negotiation process. Also be aware that a CARFAX vehicle history report will not always provide the buyer with a current, up to the minute, condition report for any used vehicle.

Be informed! Get a pre-purchase inspection done on your next pre-owned vehicle!

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